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Having sex when you're Trans can be tricky for many reasons. First of all, we often have dysphoria that can make things more complicated. In addition, sex education and the portrayal of sex in the media is totally heterocentric, which means that we have to manage without inclusive resources or specifically for us. Finally, if our partner is cisgender, it can further complicate the situation, because even if it accepts our Trans identity, there are things that this person will understand more difficult.

Feel comfortable

First of all, there are no "rules" that say you have to be totally naked while starting the conversation (but what vulgarity!) If keeping some clothes makes you more comfortable, do not hesitate to make. For example, if your torso makes you dysphoric, you can keep a T-shirt. I think this technique can work in "both ways" (ie if you want a flat chest or if you want breasts) because in fact the shirt will just hide everything.

The use of sex toys

The model uses sex toys and prostheses in order to do the genitals masturbation. The model does it alone and necessarily involves touching his body slowly to increase excitement and let you participate. She also uses the other part of the body that the genitals and more about the play on the sensual, the cuddles, the caresses, the kisses, etc.

Express your desires

Feel free to say what you want your model to do for you. You are absolutely in your right to refuse a practice at any time, without justifying yourself. You can even completely end the discussion if you are not satisfied with the scene. This can happen if you feel that dysphoria makes you have a bad time, thus you have to explain to your feelings so that she goes gradually and slowly according to your desire in order to avoid certain inconveniences. So there may be times when you refuse a particular practice, and other times when it will go.

Do not feel guilty if there is a period of time when you cannot participate in the show. If you are not able to do something, you have the right just keep watching the model performing and enjoying but, don’t forget to encourage the model with tokens. You can fully explain to your model you are not willing to participate and that she should understand you. Join the link and meet satisfy your curiosity whenever.

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